Paw Design Soft Beds

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Dog’s bed is a place where dogs are the master of their own territory. These Beds and Cushions collection will provide shelter and comfort for restful sleep. Consider our best and comfy beds and cushions that could relieve the dog’s stress. Dogs need beds just like we do. It can keep your dog warm and prevent calluses

These dog beds and cushions collection can also be taken with you during travel since it’s handy and easy to wash. Let your dog feel calm and de-stress.
Provide your Dogs the best comfort Now!


  • Most Comfortable
  • Light Weight
  • Travel Handy
  • Easy to Wash
  • Pet Friendly


  • Weight: 510g
  • Wash Style: Hand Wash
  • Size: 45cm*40cm*15cm / 17.7inch*15.7inch*5.9inch
  • Material:: Cotton and linen